Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tattoo cover up and removal

Because of the increasing number of scratchers and wannabes popping up all over the place, tattoo coverups and removals are becoming very common place.This is why it is so important to research a tattoo studio, and make certain you are comfortable and confident with your artist of choice. Quality is usually not cheap, and a poor tattoo will cost you more money and grief in the long run because you are busy hiding it from people and forking out more money for a cover-up, or removal.

First off, and very briefly, is tattoo removal. Don’t do it yourself, for obvious reasons such as scarring, go to your doctor and consult the problem with him or her. They will point you in the direction of a laser specialist. Wow, lasers, sounds expensive, yeah, expect to be paying a few thousand dollars and repeated visits. Keep in mind not all pigments can be totally removed either, no matter what anybody tells you. The only other option, is a tattoo cover-up. If someone tells you your work can only be covered with something big and dark, or can not be covered at all, go somewhere else, obviously that particular tattooist has no idea on how to use light and shade and is probably just as skilled as the guy or gal who gave you the first tattoo! When you do find a professional, competent artist to perform your cover-up, please listen to them with an open mind. The advice given on a specific design will most likely be valid (a black and white portrait of your grandmother’s head would more than likely not be a very good cover-up design for that colorfully hacked on design of a black panther fighting a green dragon which is ripping through your chest!... you get the idea).

I should also point out to you that it will take a very long time for skin to totally recuperate from a tattoo, so going over it will obviously be more tender than the first time around (which probably hurt anyway, if it was done by a wannabe).

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